Kilkenny Youth Orchestra


       LONDON   2014
Sunday 22 - Friday 27 June



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Players said: The best thing about our trip to London was ...


... the girls 'trashing' the boys in the high skill soccer game.


... the craic and chat with friends. 


... looking around London on the first day, getting to know everyone and the soccer match near Buckingham palace. 


... the soccer match beside Buckingham palace. 


... making new friends and becoming closer to old ones. 


... playing Frisbee and the huge soccer match. 


... the four frisbies which sadly did not make it back (thanks C). 


... the craic we had in the hotel and getting to know everyone:) 


... the ferry on the way, playing soccer in the park, painting the lads nails, the shananigans of the last night and definitely singing on the tube, J's roommate story, our final concert of the year and of course getting to know everybody way better.


... getting to know everyone in KYO better. 


... sunning ourselves on the deck on the ferry on the way over, when E's bed collapsed and she fell out, soccer beside buckers, watching the kids playing our instruments, straightening N and D's hair, getting lost in Harrods, the craic every night especially the last...., when I cracked my phone, listening to J's roommate story, chatting to everyone, and most of all the concert in wapping... It was UNREAL!


... when we got on the wrong train and someone yelled "WRONG TRAIN" then we all raced off to find everyone confused and no one knew who said it and why we were all on the train and ten seconds later at the train stop. 


... the concert in Wapping. 


... talking to and really getting to know everyone in the orchestra:) 


... the same as the Florence trip: we became an orchestra instead of a group of players, we got to know each other, both old and young, and hopefully we will remember this when we return next year. 


... the soccer match in the park!! It was so much fun!:) 


... PK singing happy birthday. 


... experiencing the wonderful city of London with such amiable company.


... the feeling I got when we played the end of the Rossini and I realised that I had made so many new friends and spoken to so many amazing people and had such an amazing time. 


... seeing all the tourist attractions such as Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, going out at night for dinner with other members of the orchestra, having the craic in the hotel, the concert in the primary school, and experiencing London in general!!  


... singing 'All I want' with the quartet in the underground! 


... soccer at Buckingham T all in with skittles L shouting at the TV as gaelige the wrong train incident the sink salad, minty biscuits H falling off the Spinny thing in Wapping M + J knocking on a door for half a night to get nail polish + racing our rubbers on the boat. 


... having a party in one of the rooms, whilst getting to know more people. 


... getting to know other people. 


... making more new friends and going to places such as covent garden.


... the fact that everyone was so friendly and we all bonded and got to know each other really well.


... making new friends and finding out new things about people!


... getting to know everyone.


... just wandering around Uxbridge and looking at all the lovely shops and Cafés. I also really enjoyed the concert we gave in St. Patrick's.


... playing soccer with girls and lads who probably have never seen a football before:) what a laugh:')


... the concert in St. Patrick's church, it sounded great and Philip broke his baton while conducting.


... playing in the school for all the children. They were so enthusiastic!


... talking to people I wouldn't normally get a chance to during the year, having great conversations with people I only started to talk to at the trip. Getting to know more people was half the fun!


... just walking around London Monday morning with kyo friends, the sightseeing and trying to play soccer!


... Hmm I don't think I had one best thing about the trip. I loved all of it from beginning to end. I loved sightseeing, seeing Big Ben, Covent Garden ! Taking pictures. And getting to talk to everyone!! I really felt I got to know everyone. The craic in the hotel was brilliant: D going out to dinner with everyone in the evening! Ahh take me back!


... playing in the infant school.


... the great friendships I made throughout the week. Everyone in the orchestra came together as a group and seemed to bond really well! We were all willing to make an effort to get to know each other and that's why I thought the trip was an amazing experience - it brought us together:)


... wandering around the city and having lunch in Covent Garden. Also the concert was pretty cool too!


... getting to know people better and talk to people you might not usually talk to.


... the fact that we got to know each other. We really gelled as a group and we even played better as a result!


... visiting Buckingham Palace & Big Ben but most of all the concert in Wapping!:)


... all the familiar and all the new faces that the week brought, and a fantastically warm welcome back to the KYO family! What's more, the truly thrilling concert on Thursday really let me know I'm doing the right thing pursuing my music.


... getting the opportunity to talk to and to get to know other members of KYO.


... making new friends and talking to loads of people I had never talked to before:)


... the end concert of course and getting to know everybody.



... hanging around with friends in Uxbridge and getting to know each other better. 


... playing silence ninja on the tube; the last night :) Rushing after waking up late! 


... playing the Rossini in the school and the childrens' reactions to the loud parts.  

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